Daytrips to Tayron national Park and the Mountains


Day Trips to Minca


Tailor make your very own multi-terrain multi-day package to suit your interests. You can choose one or all of the activities from the list:

Jungle Survival Skills - A real life Crocodile Dundee has moved into the jungle of Minca. Learn how to collect drinking water from tropical plants, make fire in all weather conditions and build your very own shelter should you ever be stranded in the jungle (hey, it happens). This is too cool and very hard to come by, we just had to include this in our package. You should too!

Mountain biking - The Sierra Nevada has some of the best scenery Colombia has to offer (did we mention that already?) take it all in cycling around Minca, Palomino, Taganga. Stop for photo's when you want and let our guide show you the hidden trails and beaches only a local would know about.

Discover La Sierra Nevada

VIP Minca visit - Departure from Sierraventura Hostel in the morning up to Finca La Victoria. A Visit to 1 of the oldest coffee farms in Colombia 1892 with a fresh coffee. We then make our way to Los Pinos and the waterfalls Marinca. Lunch will then be served in the Lazy Cat and a visit of the center of Minca. 

Tayrona National Park - After all of that non-stop action and excitement your going to want to just relax. Tayrona national park is one of the areas most famous tourist hot spots- there's a reason for that. With incredible and varied beaches literally a stones throw from the lush vegetation of the selva (rainforest) you can rest on the beach or rediscover the land. Its up to you. Either way a visit is highly recommended.

As well as these main highlights we can also build river tubing (where you sit inside a donut type rubber ring and allow the river to gently transport you downhill), mountain repelling, coffee Finca visits, downhill biking, jungle trekking, swimming under waterfalls, cliff jumping and more in to your package. Tell us what you'd like to do and we'll make it happen.

— Tayrona National Park & Minca —